On 12mm thick, it is small and powerful; It communicates upto 3 Km *. It communicates through the existing cabling. It brings a concentrate of intelligence to the electrical installation . Very easily, it links any switch with lighting or the device of your choice without external controller, just use a badge. Depending on the evolution of your needs, the programming can be adapted at any time to create two-ways switches, a general switch or lights scenarios. Get a complete home automation.

The Wattcube Range

Fast installation

The Wattcube modules can be directly inserted in flush-mounted boxes behind the switches.  There are no more cable from the switch to the light. The Wattcubes communicate on the existing cabling with a technololgy called powerline communication carrier (PLC or PLCC). They don’t use any battery or radiofrequency

Easy setup

The programming of our products does not require any complex procedure. Thanks to a simple badge, the electrical installation can be done with a single gesture, without opening the switch.

Wattcube DIN

Wattcube in DIN rail format, for rapid return on investment in commercial or industrial applications such as camping terminals, port terminals or electric heating / water heaters

Discover the Wattcube DIN range

Wattcube Web

With the Wattcube Web control your switches, lights, heaters or any appliances from our Android/ IOS  application. Control also advanced options integrated in our smart products

Revolution at your fingertips