Communicate in CPL through ModBus

Modbus cpl

The Wattcube Web embeds the ModBus protocol ( It is integrated in slave mode (client).
ModBus is a non- proprietary protocol for communicating between electrical equipments mainly in the industrial world . This protocol was created in 1979 by Modicon for communication applications with programmable logic controllers ( PLC *) . This universal protocol is available on RS485 ( RTU) and TCP / IP. We support TCP/IP client mode, all Wattcube modules in the electrical system are seen as clients via a single IP address , that of the Wattcube Web . The address is coded from the Wattcube address on 16 bits entered in the Modbus frame .

Whatever Wattcube ( Wattcube Push, Light , Power ... ), all Wattcube are permanently accessible in read and write via any Modbus server.

* Programmable Logic Controller: not to be confused with Powerline communication