Control a Wattcube from a battery free and wireless EnOcean switch

The Wattcube Web EnOcean allows you to control a Wattcube from a wireless switch without a battery < A href = "" target = "_ blank" rel = "noopener noreferrer"> EnOcean . This version integrates an EnOcean gateway for immediate connectivity with all EnOcean products.


  1. Connect the EnOcean Wattcube Web to powerline and Ethernet
  2. Connect the Wattcube Light
  3. Pass the badge on the Wattcube Web, the Wattcube blinks blue indicating that it is in programming mode
  4. Press the EnOcean switch, supporting 4 different switches
  5. Pass the badge on the Watcube Light
  6. Return the badge to the Wattcube Web EnOcean to exit the programming mode.
  7. It's over! Test that the EnOcean switch activates the Wattcube Light when the button is pressed.