Command a roller shutter with the Wattcube Window

Command a roller shutter locally with the Wattcube Window or command all roller shutter from a centralized switch or global switch.


The Wattcube Window has 2 outputs and 2 inputs. Connect the two input on the existing switch. (Aimed switch for roller shutters). Connect the output with a wired shutter. (Earth, neutral, line 1, line 2). Easily integrate it in renovation. Command it from a new switch or use our Wattcube Web to control them from internet.

Wattcube Window connections



  • Once you have connected everything, pass the badge on the Wattcube Window so that the module determines the mechanical stops of the shutter. It then automatically goes up and down.


  • Press the up / down switches to check the operation


  • Open the mobile application for iPhone or Android, the roller shutter module is now visible. You can now name the new module by clicking on it or adjust the level of the roller shutter.