Counting solution for campground areas

Remotely, retrieve and control electricity and water consomption directly from the guardhouse or reception. Our solution uses existing infrastructure and does not require work.

All you need for remote reading and control:

  • No cable to add
  • No more employee to check water / electricity index
  • Ultra-secure and unjammable PLC (powerline communication) solution
  • Range up to 3km
  • Campsites over than 30Km2
  • Water and electricity meter reading
  • Electricity and / or water switch control
  • Reported consumption per place or sanitary
  • Local server, no internet connection required
  • Full application on tablet (Android)
  • Individual management of each site or sanitary
  • Assigning one or more counters per place
  • Fixed price operation: the terminal automatically turns off when the fixed price is consumed
  • Operation in forced operation: the terminal does not cut but calculates the consumption
  • Definition of the number of pulses for water and electricity
  • Indication of the remaining balance with notification of a minimum alert threshold
  • Log of recent events

The balance of the water and electricity meters are above the minimum limit.

There remains less than € 5 for example for water and / or electricity

Intuitive and easy-to-use application

Full parameter setting compatible with all pulse counters or power meters

Simple hardware architecture

    The Wattcube Web retrieves meter information and controls contactors.

  • PowerLock receiver called PowerDinDC or PushDinDC controls power consumption and load.

  • The PLC filter protects the network from external interference.