Create a PLC switch to control lights, heaters...


Want to create a generalized switch? To schedule a turn-off time on any lighting? Simulate a presence when you go on holiday? Program the ignition of your pool pump?


How does it work ?


Behind each switch, lighting or electrical device is installed a Wattcube, a small cube of 12mm thickness that will communicate via the existing cables of the electrical network. Our technology allows you to simplify the electrical network and makes communicating all your electrical equipment. We use a technology called low frequency powerline communication (or low-frequency PLC). Communication works perfectly between floors or through thick walls. Out of the industrial world, the range of communication can reach more than 3km without emitting the slightest wave.


Standard installation



Installation with Wattcube



Et cela se programme comment ?

Selon l'évolution de vos besoins, la programmation s’adapte à tous moments pour créer des interrupteurs va-et-vient, un interrupteur général ou des scénarios lumineux.
Maitrisez notre technologie en quelques secondes. Visionnez la vidéo ci-dessous.


Fast installation

Thanks to their extremely small size, the Wattcube modules fit directly into the standard flush-mounted boxes. There are no more electrical cables between the switches and lights. They do not require a battery and do not emit radiofrequency. Learn More



Easy setup


The programming of our products does not require any complex instructions. Thanks to a simple badge, the electrical installation can be done with a single gesture, without opening the switch. Learn More


And smarthome ?

Besides the internal functions of the system, among other realization of two-ways switches and generalized switch, all  Wattcubes integrate options configurable with the Wattcube Web. Each Wattcube is independent from a server. It is clever enough to control itself its input and ouput.

schéma branchement Wattcube-Web

Simply change a timeout, activate the presence simulator or set a time schedule.

What do you need ?


To build a single light commande, you need:

Please find our light kit here
To make a two-ways switch, you need:

Find here our two-ways switch kit
If you have already a cable between the switch and the light, you can a two-ways switch in renovation.

Find our Power kit here

Where to find our products ?

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