New 3G wattcube generation

We are happy to announce a new generation of Wattcube. New, more powerful products and a range of new measures available:

    • Changing internal components
    • Maximum current doubled (LC up to 250mA)
    • Measurement of the emission level
    • Measurement of reception level RSSI (Received signal strenght indicator)
    • Measurement of network impedance: measurement of the absorption of the PLC by the network.
    • Actual consumption measurement with 2 calibres (only on PowerDin)

These products will be called third generation (3G) and will be available from February 2018. In order to sustain the economic model of the overmoulded product range, a slight price increase on these products will be applied.

These new features will concern the following products:

    • Wattcube Open : overmolded module with a potential-free dry contact output
    • Wattcube Analog: DIN rail module with 0-10V input / output
    • Wattcube PowerDinDC: DIN rail module with 10-30V DC input and 16A output

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