We work closely with the following partners, thanks to their collaboration in the development and growth of our company.

WiSEED is the # 1 platform in crowdfunding since 2008. Invest collectively on the Internet in startups, real estate projects or cooperatives.

Dynamic space dedicated to entrepreneurs to accelerate access to their market, capital and increase the chances of success of their company.
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As a major player in retail banking, the Crédit Mutuel Group has helped to support the economy in all regions of France. Its aim is to serve a wide variety of clients, whether individuals, associations, professionals or companies, and to enable them to record a very good volume of business through networks And its diversified business lines.

Credit mutuel Tournefeuille

Since 2002, Devolo AG has been developing innovative PLC and data communication products for individuals and business users. Their products connect high-speed CPL to businesses and individuals. Our close proximity allows us to find the best solution with our Wattcube control products