What is the communication range of our Wattcubes (PLC technology)?

We announce a communication range greater than 3KM. But how is this range calculated? We have voluntarily simplified this data for easy understanding of the limits of our products. The theoretical range can actually reach more than a 3KM on a single cable. The longer the distance, the more attenuated the signal will be.


But unfortunately between theory and practice, there are big differences. In the field, there are indeed disturbers which will reduce the signal transmitted and degrade the quality of the transmission. Examples: televisions, mobile phone chargers, washing machines or LED lights. These disrupters in the worst case will be located at the transmitter and the receiver. If we add the effect of the cable length, the effect will be catastrophic for the signal that will no longer arrive at the receiver.

The following architecture is the worst on an electrical network:

Our production process

In order to guarantee optimal operation of our Wattcubes in all conditions, we have chosen to use a tester as close as possible to reality. The length of the cables can be simulated by an electronic component called an inductor, a choke or even a coil. The devices can be replaced by electrical components called capacitors. We therefore test all our products with the equivalent of 200m of cables and 10 LED lights with a power of 5W closest to the transmitter and the receiver.