Static switch for self-regulating under floor heating cable or radiant heating.

This product is particularly compatible with self-regulating heating cable with high inrush current.

The SOFTSTART2 automatically regulates the starting current avoiding too much inrush current. Once the current is smoothed, an internal relay closes ensuring a moderate temperature inside the device.

  • Triggered from an input or from PLC command.
  • Triggered by a thermostat or a BMS.
  • If a thermostat or a GTB controls several SOFTSTART2, they communicate with each other (master / slaves).
  • Limited compatibility with other products in the Wattcube range
  • Program and associate with other SOFTSTART2 using the badge.
  • The tri-color LED indicates the operating status.
  • Maximum current 10A, 2.5KW
  • Internal thermal protection and automatic regulation of the internal temperature

This product is available exclusively through our partner BHN Thermique . It is available in distribution at Sonepar and Rexel.

Internal fuse 1A timed fuse (internal power protection)
Max Power 2.5KW for radiant heating or 1.2KW for self-regulating cable
Maximum instantaneous current 250A
Heating time 3min
Mains voltage 230V +/- 10% - 50Hz
Carrier frequency 110kHz
Standby power consumption 1W
Min command times 44ms
Ambient temperature -20 to 45 ° C
Relative humidity 0 to 99%
Dimensions 90x18x59mm
Standard: European Directive 2004/108 / EC-2006/95 / EC

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Heating cable or floor heating

User manual available on BHN Thermique