Wattcube Badge

Program any link between Wattcube products


Program the Wattcube in three steps:

  1. Beginning of programming: pass the badge over the rocker switch or the push button
  2. Pass the badge over the appliance(s) to be associated (lights, sockets, etc.).
  3. Pass again on the switch to end programming mode

The Wattcube Badge allows you to create and remove the associations between switches and lights / electrical appliances.

These links can be modified at any time and secured or locked with the Wattcube Web .

Internal consumption 0W (Passive element)
Autonomy Not applicable (Passive element)
Maximum range in air 6cm
Characteristic range behind a switch 3-6cm *
Dimension 18x12x60mm

* Depends on the material used in the switch

  • Program links between Wattcubes at commissioning
  • Change at any time
  • Programming identification
  • Delete existing links
  • Retrieve the serial number from the Wattcube Web
  • Trigger any diagnosis test
  • Wattcube Web Reset

Leaflet, catalogue, user manuals available on member area.