Wattcube Light

The Wattcube Light can be used to provide PLC (powerline communication) lighting in seconds. It is designed to switch a maximum power of 250W.

  • Communication with powerline communication (PLC) for remote control of electrical equipment.
  • No radiofrequency emissions and therefore are safe for health.
  • Connection where NEUTRAL + PHASE are available.
  • No grounding.
  • Communication and association between them using the Wattcube Badge .
  • Blue LED signaling their status.
  • Secure protocol communication to ensure that a command is sent / received.
  • Easily inserted into any flush-mounting boxes or junction boxes with a minimum depth of 40mm and a standard diameter of 65mm.
  • 3 cables: one brown for the phase, one blue for the neutral and one grey for the output (phase switched).
  • Compatible with all other modules in the Wattcube range.
  • switch-off timeout functions, presence simulator and time schedule activated via Wattcube Web
Minium power
Internal fuse 2A timed fuse
Maximum power
250 VA (150W inductive)
Main voltage
230V +/-10% – 50Hz
Carrier frequency 110KHz
Sleep consumption
Minimum delay command
Ambiant temperature
-20 to 45°C
Relative humidity
0 to 99%
Size 41x36x11mm
Standards : CE marking 2004/108/CE– 2006/95/CE
  • Installation neuve ou rénovation
  • Lighting control (LED, compact fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp or incandescent lamp)
  • Fan control
  • Control of small electrical appliances

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