Wattcube PowerDin

The Wattcube PowerDin is designed to switch a maximum power of 3200W. For example, it can be used to control an electric water heater or a 16A socket. It is installed in the electrical panel on a 35mm DIN rail.

It also measures the power consumption of the connected device at its output.

The Wattcube PowerDin has an output and a rocker switch input or push button

  • New or renovated
  • Switch or pushbutton
  • Control of sockets
  • Heating control
  • Ventilation control
  • Boiler / Boiler Control
  • Air conditioning or cooling unit
  • Power Lighting Control ...

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  • Powerline communicaiton (PLC) for remote control of electrical equipments.
  • Range greater than 3km
  • No radiofrequency emissions and therefore are safe for health.
  • Connection where NEUTRAL + PHASE are available.
  • No grounding.
  • Communication and association between them using the Wattcube Badge . < / li>
  • Blue LED signaling their status.
  • Secure protocol communication to ensure that a command is sent / received.
  • Easily inserted into any flush-mounting boxes or junction boxes with a minimum depth of 40mm and a standard diameter of 65mm.
  • 5 terminals: neutral input, phase input, 230V input (phase switched), neutral output and phase output.
  • Compatible with all other modules in the Wattcube range.
  • Switch-off delay functions, power measurement, over-current notification and time schedule activated via the Wattcube Web
Min power 0,5VA
Internal Short Circuit Fuse Timed 1A fuse
Max Power 3200VA (1800W cos phi 0.4)
Energy Measurement Accuracy 5%
Measurable minimum power 7W
Mains voltage 230V +/- 10% - 50Hz
Carrier frequency 110kHz
Power Consumption Standby 450mW
Min delay 44ms
Ambient temperature -20 to 45 ° C
Relative Humidity 0 to 99%
Dimensions 90x17.5x58mm (1 module)
Maximum cable size 4mm2
Standard: European Directive 2004/108 / EC-2006/95 / EC
  • Campsites
  • Port Terminals
  • Travellers area management system
  • Temporary connection terminals for trade fairs
  • Heating control
  • Water heater control

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