Wattcube PushDinDC

The Wattcube PushDinDC is designed to be connected to an impulse output of a water or electricity meter. It can also be used with a low voltage DC controlled switch.

This module has one 10-30VDC DC input.

  • Compatible with pushbuttons or rocker switches
  • Ultra-fast and contactless programming using the Wattcube badge
  • Easy installation on 35mm DIN rail
  • External DC power required for input
  • Communication range over 3 Km *
  • Create two-ways switches from 2 up to 16 switches
  • Counter accessible from mobile application or usable with the Nomad application
  • Return status and acknowledgment, repeat command in case of failure
  • Low frequency powerline communication (CPL) for remote control of electrical equipments.
  • No radiofrequency emissions and therefore are safe for health.
  • Connection where NEUTRAL + PHASE are available.
  • No grounding.
  • Communication and association between them using the Wattcube Badge . < / li>
  • Secure protocol communication to ensure that a command is sent / received.
  • 4 4mm screw terminals: phase, neutral, positive input 10-30DC, negative input 10-30VDC
  • Compatible with all other modules in the Wattcube range.
  • Counting index accessible via Wattcube Web with the smartphone application or Nomad application
  • Advanced switch functions (follower, inverter follower, always on, always off)
  • Extinction timeout functions, presence simulator and time schedule activated via Wattcube Web
DC isolation voltage 4KV
Minimum pulse width 50ms
Minimum power 0,5VA
Internal protection 2A timed fuse
Voltage level 230V +/-10% – 50Hz
Carrier frequency 110KHz
Sleep consumption 450mW
Minimum command delay 44ms
Ambiant temperature -20 à 45°C
Relative humidity 0 to 99%
Size 90x17x60mm
Standards : CE marked 2004/108/CE- 2006/95/CE
  • New installation or renovation
  • Switch or pushbutton
  • Counting for water or electricity meter pulse output
  • Camping, Traveler areas or marinas

Leaflets, catalogue, user manual available for download is member area.