Wattcube Web EnOcean

The Wattcube Web can be used to control lighting, heaters or switches very quickly via the Internet.

This version is equipped with an EnOcean transceiver to directly connect a wireless and battery-free rocker switch to the Wattcube Web and control a Wattcube module located several kms away.

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Connect any EnOcean switch of the “rocket” switch type.

The Wattcube Web has an Ethernet connector and a power connector. The Wattcube Web also integrates the Modbus TCP protocol.

  • Mobile app compatible with Android tablets and smartphones
  • Radio control with EnOcean protocol
  • Create lighting Scenarios
  • Presence Simulator
  • Remote control
  • Heat management …

With the combination of compatible PLCs:

  • Supports up to four EnOcean rocker switches or push buttons
  • Switch-off delay in Wattcube Modules
  • Schedule editing: 10 stoppages or scheduled starts over a week
  • Activation of the presence simulator: the Wattcube reproduce from one second to one hour before switching on / off the previous week
  • Summer / winter time synchronization
  • Badge programming lock
  • General Extinguishing Control
  • Command URL customization
  • Ethernet connector
  • Modbus TCP Compatible
  • Jeedom Plug-in
  • Return status with XML file and JSON file
  • Optional mounting on rail-din
  • Controlled by URL:

Fomat: <Wattcube Web IP address>/<module serial number>/<command>/<state>

Example: => Wattcube module command 023654 à l’état 1

Wattcube Web can be connected to an ADSL box for connectivity outside the home via the Internet.

Enocean Programming:

  1. Start programming: Badge on the Wattcube Web
  2. Switch programming: Pressing the EnOcean button
  3. Programming Badge on the Wattcube Light
  4. End programming: badge on the Wattcube Web

European Directive 2004/108 / EC – European Directive 2006/95 / EC

Max power 3W
EnOcean profiles V2.6.3, rocker switch 2 rocker, rocker switch 4 rocker, other profiles being implemented
Internal fuse against short circuits or overloads 2A delayed fuse
Connectivity Ethernet, EnOcean, CPL
Protocols HTTP, Modbus TCP, XML, JSON, EnOcean
Mains voltage 230V +/- 10% – 50Hz
Carrier frequency 110KHz
Min delay 44ms
Ambient temperature – 20 to 45 ° C
Relative Humidity 0 to 99%
Dimension 75x71x33mm

Application type:

  • Renovation without pulling cables through EnOcean
  • Creating Luminous Scenarios
  • Presence Simulator
  • Remote control
  • Heat management …
  • Modifications internal module options: timeout, presence simulator and time schedule
  • With the combination of compatible PLCs:
    • Building Technical Management (GTB)
    • Centralized Technical Management (GTC) …

Leaflets, catalog, user manual and updates available on your member aera.