Smart Energy Meter over PowerLine Communication

Wattlet is proud to introduce the Wattcube PowerDIN , the first smart power meter connected over powerline communication technology.

The Wattcube PowerDIN monitor and control large electrical installations in providing the energy use of any electrical appliances, electrical distribution terminals, farming equipment, public lighting, water system ...

Thanks to the Wattcube PowerDIN , it is now possible to simply and economically transform any existing power grid into a powerful connected smart grid by integrating smart PLC switches, transmitter, receiver, contactor and meter. PowerDIN is the combination of all these functions within a unique railDIN module.

It is finally easy now to:

  • Take control of a self-service electrical outlet park on a large space (camping, marina, pontoon terminal, etc.).
  • Know precisely the individual power use for each electric point or water point.
  • Equip very large sites (military, industrial, historical, sensitive area...)
  • Monitor and control devices based at several miles on a large site.

A good example of using PowerDIN is in the context of the digital transformation of marinas or camp sites.

Marinas or camp sites energy bills increase on regular basis, infrastructures are not equipped to control energy and water usages remotely, pay as you go should be a solution to change the bad trend and start savings... The solutions from Wattlet bring an effective response to such issues. With the Wattcube PowerDIN it is the easy way to transform the existing power grid into a connected smart grid. By integrating the PowerDINs within each pontoon terminal or pedestal, the Harbour Master can centralize the management of all electrical pedestral or water valves from the harbor master's office:

  • Instant and cumulative consumption for each boat on each pontoon or cat-way.
  • Invoice each marina user for electricity and water use or communicate on the best consume energy
  • Switch-off or -on  remotely each pontoo pedestal without having to move
  • Get incident alerts from the pontoon or even the boat moored.Technical data:
    • Long Range Low Frequency PLC Transmitter Receiver
    • 16A dry contact switching
    • 230V input of a dry contact
    • Energy sub-metering, accuracy 5%
    • Wattlet secure protocol
    • Programming by contactless badge
    • Time out
    • Time schedule
    • Communication range greater than 3 miles
    • Standard DIN rail format 35mm

With the Wattcube PowerDIN, WATTLET continue to innovate and complete its family of intelligent smart modules Wattcube for residential, smart home, building automation, industry, agriculture, public and the tertiary sector.

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