Smart grid control over powerline communication

Wattlet launches the new Wattcube Facility Manager Access application to drive PLC smart grids with ease (connected energy network based on powerline communication).

The Facility Manager Access is a comprehensive supervisor for Wattlet PLC smart grids. Thanks to its simple and easy GUI, Facility Manager is the perfect toolbox with automated functions, scenarios building capability and visual incident alerts, status icons and different warnings .

This application is provided to Wattlet customers to manage their powerline installation based on Wattcube WEB gateways and Wattcube modules (transmitter, receiver, switch, contactor, filter, coupler ...)

With its responsive web technology, the dashboard of your Powerline smartgrid is visible from a PC, tablet or smartphone over Ethernet. To ensure optimal security, Wattlet keep the control and monitoring intelligence locally within the Wattcube Web (server-capabilities) and the Facility Manager Access without accessing to the cloud and the internet world.

Facility Manager is the preferred tool for maintenance technicians or very large site managers such industrial sites, marina, camp sites, farming pond, parking lighting, heritage site and historic castle ...

At any time you have access to the status of your network and all the interconnection modules. You know the instantaneous consumption or energy use of each electrical outlets, lights or even water meters. If any problem, you get warnings and alert notifications.


It has never been so easy to manage:

  • industrial parks
  • marinas and pontoon pedestals
  • very large campsites and mobilhomes
  • street lightings
  • hydraulic pump installations
  • fish farms and breeding pond systems

The Facility Manager Access allows you to set up scenarios or advanced calendar programs to control up to 50 equipments.

Before the end of the year, WATTLET will release a more advanced version of the Facility Manager Access application to manage several hundred PLC equipment, the Facility Manager Pro.


Online demo at


With the Facility Manager Access, Wattlet carry on its development of industrial solutions for PLC smart grid management and allow its customers to achieve their digital transformation of their electrical networks.

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