Smart manufacturing site for smart energy network building in Lillehammer

The new manufacturing site for Wattlet is now up & running in Lillehammer in Norway. This site is dedicated for the production of Wattlet PLC modules and gateways to build a smart grid based on existing electricity network (powerline communication technology).

Wattlet continues its industrial development and presence abroad to meet the growing market need for industrial connected solutions. Thanks to its technology Wattlet give you the solution to upgrade existing electrical installations by turning them into a connected smart grid with Powerline Communication. It gives a better control of energy use as well as an improved daily operational activities.

With modern SMT pick-and-place machines, the infrastructure is dedicated to the manufacturing and assembling of complex electronic circuit boards. The first production line is now fully operational and validated. During last summer Wattlet has producted several thousand new generation Wattcube PLC modules (LIGHT, POWER, OPEN, WINDOW …). In the same way, we are completing a big series of new Wattcube WEB gateways, a real supervision solution to drive an extended connected smart grid with powerline communication technology.

The offices of Wattlet Norway are now in the same premises as the production line. This gives us a better efficiency, an industrial reactivity and a strengthened level of quality by bringing together on one site thef R & D, the Supply Chain, the Production and the Testing facilities.

After being ” 100% made in France “, we can proudly say today to be now” 100% made in Europe”. WATTLET is indeed based in Toulouse (France) and Lillehammer (Norway) to support the deployment of PLC-based intelligent smart grids in Europe.


Wattlet AS
Gudbrandsdalsvegen 194
2619 Lillehammer

Téléphone: +47 477 95 983

Org nr: 920 951 368

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