Static contactor for underfloor heating

Here is a newcomer in our OEM products, the SoftStart2, a static contactor for underfloor heating and radiant heating.

SOFTSTART2 is used to operate a heating cable or other resistive products with high inrush current.
The SOFTSTART2 automatically regulates the starting current avoiding too much inrush current. Once the current is smoothed, an internal relay closes ensuring a moderate temperature inside the device.

    • Triggered from an input or from a powerline communication command (PLC).
    • Controlled by a thermostat or a BMS.
    • If a thermostat or a BMS controls several SOFTSTART2, they communicate with each other (master / slaves).
    • Limited compatibility with other products from the Wattcube range
    • Program and associate with other SOFTSTART2 using the badge.
    • The tri-color LED indicates the operating status.
    • Maximum current 10A, 2.5KW
    • Internal thermal protection and automatic regulation of the internal temperature

This product is available exclusively through our partner BHN Thermique . It is available in distribution at Sonepar and Rexel.

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