Wattcube installation


The Wattcube installation is very simple. They require both grid cables, phase and neutral. The Wattcube does not require grounding.

Two lateral recesses allow the Wattcube to be held in all standard enclosures (40 or 50 mm deep).


All Wattcubes have between 3 and 4 rigid cables of 0.75mm2 cross-section. The brown wire and the blue wire are respectively phase and neutral. The Wattcube can be installed on any type of installation from 6A, 10A, 16A, 32A or above. They have internal fuse protection up to 6A.

The blue LED indicates the correct operation of the module, it flashes every 10s in standby mode. When there is a message received or transmitted by the Wattcube, it flashes the time of sending or receiving the message.

Here is a list of the blinking modes of this LED:

Blink every 10s Wattcube is active and in sleep mode
Slow blink every 1s Wattcube in programming mode
Fixed led for 2s while binding Programming erased
Flash 5 times Communication error with another Wattcube, check programming
Blinking every 2s Detection mode from Wattcube Web


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